cover Topper Quercus®

Topper Quercus®

Handcrafted topper made from a selection of natural products.

Each layer consists of natural elements and the mattress is assembled by hand.

Provides maximum breathability.

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Imagen Detalle - Topper Quercus®
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  • Imagen Componente Topper - Australian Wool Australian Wool
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Camel Hair Camel Hair
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Natural Latex Natural Latex
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Linen Linen
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Mohair Mohair
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Silk Silk
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Jute Jute
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Jacquard Jacquard
  • Imagen Componente Topper - Cotton Cotton
  • Imagen Caracteristica Topper - Breathable Breathable
Imagen Detalle 2 - Topper Quercus®


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