Who is responsible for the treatment?

Identity: COLTERXY, S.L B15623325
Address: C/ Parroquia de Cortiñán F-17 15165, Bergondo
Phone: +34 981 79 53 55

What is the purpose of your data?

The data you provide us through the contact form are treated and incorporated into treatments in order to attend the queries or even contact you by the means provided if requested.

How long do you keep your data?

In the case of the data received through the contact form, its data will be retained for at least 12 months and in case of formalize a service relationship will be retained for at least 5 years. Once elapsed, in both cases, the designated time period will be destroyed by means that guarantee that information cannot be recovered.

What is the legal basis that justifies data processing?

In the case of the data collected through the contact form, the legal basis of the treatment is to comply with a request made by the interested party.

Who are your data communicated to?

The data treatments received through the data collection forms are received via Microsoft 365-based e-mail from Microsoft, a company adhering to the Privacy Shield protocol and complying with the appropriate security measures, which They share parts of work and hours of workers. The data under treatment may be communicated to the administrative authorities with competence in the matter within the legally anticipated assumptions and also in cases where such communication is necessary in order to provide the services requested.

What are your rights?

The data holder is entitled to:

  • Access your data
  • Rectify your data
  • Delete your data
  • Carry your data to another person responsible
  • Oppose All or part of the treatment
  • Limiting the use of your personal data

If you do not satisfy your rights, you may file a complaint with the Data protection authority.

How have we obtained your data?

Through the Contact form
Origin: Facilitated by the person concerned.
Data categories: Email.
No specially protected data is treated.

Last updated: November 2017.