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cover Bea


Polyester microfibre pillow with DUVET touch.

Double cover: 100% cotton inner cover and 100% polyester outer cover with carbon thread.

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Pillow Covers
Imagen - Fundas
Exterior cover100% polyester with carbon thread
Interior cover100% cotton
  • Imagen Componente - Fibre Fibre
  • Imagen Componente - Cotton Cover Cotton Cover
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Double Cover Double Cover
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Dust Mite Proof Dust Mite Proof
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Antibacterial Antibacterial
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Carbon Thread Carbon Thread
Imagen certificados - Certificate of guaranteed healthy sleep
Degree of height/firmness
Imagen Grado Altura/Firmeza - 5-5
Aveilable sizes