Natural Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam Mattress with Terfeel® and Terplús® core (38kg/m3).

Especially recommended to relieve pressure points due to its innovative material with maximum breathability (4 times more than a conventional HR) which delivers a pleasant, dry and healthy sleeps.

Made with elastic Jacquard fabric -known for its thickness and great resistance- and Dacron Quallofil fibre.

Features 3D non-skid fabric on its bottom layer -three-dimensionally made- which prevents the mattress to move and ensures maximum air circulation, great air pass and full ventilation.

This mattress is of single-side use.

Recommended price
  • Terfeel®
  • Dacron Quallofil Fibre
  • Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam
  • 3D anti-skid
  • Breathable
  • Adaptable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ergonomic
  • Temperature-adjustable
  • Dust Mite Proof
  • Pressure Relief
Degrees of firmness
Discover the inside of the Terfresh

1. Elastic Jacquard fabric

Thick, resistant and elastic fabric made of cotton, wool or viscose.

2. Dacron Quallofil Fibre

High quality polyester with anti-mite and anti-bacterial properties. Provides freshness during sleep and stands out for being ultra-light.

3. Terfeel®

Temperature-regulating polyether, hydrophilic and with maximum adaptability. Terfeel® delivers a pleasant, dry and healthy sleep, favouring air circulation and body heat distribution.

4. NT Fabric

Fabric used in different product quilts.

5. Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam

Natural material -not genetically engineered- that provides maximum comfort and does not contain elements that may cause harm to human health or the environment.

6. Terplús® Core

Terplús® core (38Kg/m3) of open pores that delivers a higher degree of breathability, allowing air to circulate freely. Prevents the existence of mites or toxic substances.

7. Quilted borders

Broad strip located on the outer sides of the mattress to provide greater ventilation and improve the interior's breathability.

8. NT Fabric

Fabric used in different product quilts.

9. Polyether

Also known as foam rubber, it is manufactured in different densities and adds comfort to the mattress.

10. Polyester Fibre

Also known as polyester, acts as an insulator, providing volume and comfort to the mattress..

11. 3D Anti-skid Fabric

Three-dimensional anti-skid fabric, which ensures maximum air circulation, great air pass and full ventilation. Due to its anti-skid properties, prevents the mattress to move.