cover Termicpur®


Contoured and hollowed memory foam mattress of natural non-GMO soy (70 mm) and Terplús® core (43kg/m3) with 5 comfort zones.

It is made with Stretch fabric on the top layer (removable) and 3D anti-skid fabric on the bottom layer that ensures maximum air circulation and full ventilation.

This mattress is of single-side use, and it is suitable for adjustable beds.

Recommended price
Imagen Detalle - Termicpur®
  • Imagen Componente - Terplús® Core 43kg/m3 Terplús® Core 43kg/m3
  • Imagen Componente - 3D anti-skid 3D anti-skid
  • Imagen Componente - Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Adaptable Adaptable
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Breathable Breathable
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Thermo-Adaptable Thermo-Adaptable
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Ergonomic Ergonomic
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Pressure Relief Pressure Relief
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Dust Mite Proof Dust Mite Proof
Degrees of firmness
Imagen Firmeza - 5
Imagen Altura 20cm
Imagen Detalle 2 - Termicpur®


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Discover the inside of the Termicpur®

1. Stretch Fabric

Fabric with maximum elasticity and great breathability.

2. 100% Cotton Interior Cover

Cover characterised by its elasticity and breathability providing a special sleep.

3. Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam

Natural material -not genetically engineered- that provides maximum comfort and does not contain elements that may cause harm to human health or the environment.

4. Terplús® Core of Natural Non-GMO Soy

Open pore contoured and hollowed Terplús® core (43kg/m3) that confers a greater degree of breathability and is made of a natural and eco-friendly product such as natural non-GMO soy.

5. Quilted borders

Broad strip located on the outer sides of the mattress to provide greater ventilation and improve the interior's breathability.

6. 100% Cotton Interior Cover

Cover characterised by its elasticity and breathability providing a special sleep.

7. 3D Anti-skid Fabric

Three-dimensional anti-skid fabric, which ensures maximum air circulation, great air pass and full ventilation. Due to its anti-skid properties, prevents the mattress to move.