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cover Viscobasic


Natural Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam Mattress (40 mm) with Terplús® core (38kg/m3).

Made with removable Stretch fabric featuring a U-shaped zipper.

This mattress is of single-side use and suitable for adjustable beds.

Recommended price
Imagen Detalle - Viscobasic
  • Imagen Componente - Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam
  • Imagen Componente - Terplús® Core 38kg/m3 Terplús® Core 38kg/m3
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Adaptable Adaptable
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Ergonomic Ergonomic
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Temperature-adjustable Temperature-adjustable
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Dust Mite Proof Dust Mite Proof
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Pressure Relief Pressure Relief
  • Imagen Caracteristica - Breathable Breathable
Degrees of firmness
Imagen Firmeza - 4
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Discover the inside of the Viscobasic

1. Stretch Fabric

Fabric with maximum elasticity and great breathability.

2. 100% Cotton Interior Cover

Cover characterised by its elasticity and breathability providing a special sleep.

3. Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam

Natural material -not genetically engineered- that provides maximum comfort and does not contain elements that may cause harm to human health or the environment.

4. Terplús® Core

Terplús® core (38Kg/m3) of open pores that delivers a higher degree of breathability, allowing air to circulate freely. Prevents the existence of mites or toxic substances.

5. Quilted borders

Broad strip located on the outer sides of the mattress to provide greater ventilation and improve the interior's breathability.

6. 100% Cotton Interior Cover

Cover characterised by its elasticity and breathability providing a special sleep.

7. Stretch Fabric

Fabric with maximum elasticity and great breathability.